W-I-P/Works In Progress serves the artist in process by providing space for full artistic voice without censorship. Our goal is to create, nurture and support artists and informed audiences within a healthy and sustainable artistic community.


Our Roots

W-I-P was the brainchild of Jump-Start Performance Company which regularly utilizes Liz Lerman's Critical Response Process for development of their own theatrical work. Since its beginning W-I-P has been supported and developed by both Jump-Start Performance Company and San Antonio Dance Umbrella.

Liz Lerman's Critical Response Process (CRP) is a feedback system which creates a safe place for artists to talk about their work and process.

W-I-P/Works In Progress has developed a pared-down and audience-friendly version of the CRP method that allows us to provide lab space and performance opportunities to artists. It is also a program that fosters community involvement in the arts and gives artists the ability to build their audience as well as network within the field.

Erica Santiago choreography

dancers: Erica Santiago & Mysti Jace Pride

Photo: Roger Ho

Jordan Fuchs choreography

dancers: Whitney Geldon and Melissa Sanderson

Photo: Jordan Fuchs

Our Work

What We Do

W-I-P Performance Labs

Wednesdays In Performance

A monthly lab for movement-based artists.

All movement-based artists are welcome to apply. Each artist recieves an honorarium and video of their performance and CRP session.

Film W-I-P

Films and videos that challenge conventional modes of cinema:    video dance

dance for the camera 

experimental film

video art      



  • Doesn't need to be a finished piece (we encourage to present a work in progress).                        

  • Utilize the camera as a choreographic & communicative tool.                                               

  • Length should be between 2-10 minutes.

Christina Ketchum choreography

Guiding young artist to find their own voice through movement.

If you are a youth organization, group, school or individual who is interested in the Youth W-I-P program, let us know!

Contact us at


The best of the season in concert.


Be part of our W-I-P season by signing up as a performer and be eligible to particiate in W-I-P Crème.

Enjoy the best of local, emerging artists in dance, theatre and performance art.

W-I-P Sponsors

W-I-P/Works In Progress is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas.


You can make a donation and fund W-I-P artists here:

Jump-Start Performance Company, a leader in avant-gaarde and grass roots theatre. 


We are proud to have the historical Southwest School of Art as an official sponsor for our Site Specific W-I-P event. 

W-I-P Partners

W-I-P/Works In Progress is happy to be a part of Martinez Street Women's Center youth programming by participating in the Girl's Zone program.



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W-I-P/Works In Progress not only believes in supporting their artists through assisting them in their artistic process but we also believe in their artistic capital.

When you give to W-I-P, you are directly ensuring that each artist is valued through compensation for their work in process and in performance.

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