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 Fabiola Torralba: I am a choreographer, educator, and activist that is dedicated to the transformation and empowerment of our communities. With deep conviction of the power of story and the power of people coming together, I facilitate opportunities for movers of all backgrounds to create and engage in issues that affect their every day lives. I value discovery and foster environments that encourage creativity, awareness, and connection.
I utilize dance as a vehicle towards holistic well being-of becoming physically, spiritually, culturally, and politically grounded. The ultimate goal of this vision is to build bridges across diverse communities and mobilize groups towards a better understanding of ourselves and each other to effect and inspire change.
Fabiola will be presenting a work with Alamotion. 

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Marques Mireles is a college graduate from UTSA with a BBA in Management. He has over six years of teaching in a dance studio as a Hip Hop Instructor at the School of Modern Arts and Hip-Hop (SMASH Dance) and was the Lead Choreographer for the HYPE Coalition for 3 years at SACADA. Marques is currently a full time teacher at KIPP Academy teaching Hip Hop to 5th - 8th graders. He is very passionate about providing a positive alternative for youth & adults to express themselves. 

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Jamie Lynn fell in love with Middle Eastern Music. That in turn led to the discovery of bellydance in all it’s amazing varieties: Egyptian, Turkish, American Vintage, Lebanese and the myriad other styles that have developed and diverged from them. Being grounded in the love of the music, she is drawn to the historical and cultural importance of this dance through its musical and movement history. She is dedicated to researching the meaning behind the songs, the lyrics and the styles of dance that have developed with them, providing a deeper understanding of what the music is “telling us” to dance. As a dancer, she seeks to “illustrate” the music with movements. Technique is the basis, but expression is the goal.

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