w-i-p workshop series

The W-I-P Workshop Series gives a platform for San Antonio artists to share their process and practice with the community, giving local artists accessibility to space, voice, and dialogue across artistic mediums. We have partnered with San Antonio College and Palo Alto College to provide an educational and practical experience for artist and participants.


Workshops Can Be
Sharing of process or practice for example; a technique workshop, or one that guides participants through the artists’ creative process.
Investigative, questioning and exhausting possibilities.
Exploratory, exploring process.
Constructive, constructing work, method or mode.


Please fill out online proposal. 

W-I-P relies on public and private support to continue our programming.

We believe that local artists and artists in the surrounding areas should have access to a space that allows them freedom to experiment and access to engagement with the community. 

We also believe in honoring an artists time and work, which is why we give an honorarium to each and every

W-I-P artist who participates in our programming.



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W-I-P/Works In Progress not only believes in supporting their artists through assisting them in their artistic process but we also believe in their artistic capital.

When you give to W-I-P, you are directly ensuring that each artist is valued through compensation for their work in process and in performance.

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