Young Artists Gain new tools @ W-I-P

December 5, 2016

The 2016 Fall W-I-P season was dedicated to local San Antonio youth artists with the start of our newest initiative Youth W-I-P. This inaugural year, we were honored to work with four dancers, Brenna Mulligan, Jessie Shaw, Emma Vicana and Mina Willis. 


The artists participated in two workshops and were tasked with keeping a journal while experimenting and reflecting on their movement projects. Each Youth W-I-P workshop had two components; movement exploration with reflection and hands on practice on how to engage in positive dialogue and feedback. The workshops took the artists through an exploration of their own movement language as well as introduced new ways of working or discovering within their own vocabularies. They were also introduced to Liz Lerman's Critical Response Process (CRP) and were guided through W-I-P's unique version of CRP.  


To finish out the Youth W-I-P experience, three of the young artists (Brenna, Jessie and Mina) presented their works-in-progress at the November 30th W-I-P which was open to the public. The evening was full of excitement and anticipation as well as a full house. Extra seating had to be set up to accommodate the audience, and we still had people sitting on the floor!


We are very proud of the work that each young artist presented and especially at how well prepared and 'ready' each of them were to discuss their work and process with the audience. We all look forward to seeing how they progress into the future. Well done Brenna, Jessie Mina and Emma!









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