Youth W-I-P

W-I-P has a history of welcoming young dancers of San Antonio to the stage and we build on this history by designing a program specifically for young people.

We are excited to be able to work in this much needed area and offer the unique process of Critical Response (originated by Liz Lerman) to young performance artists of San Antonio. We believe that the W-I-P process can help creative youth discover and hone their artistic voice.

Carrie & Brittany Vicana choreography

Youth W-I-P Goals

Alysya Perez choreography

Alamotion Dance Troupe

Youth W-I-P's goal is to encourage local San Antonio youth to continue pursuing their desire for expression through the practice of the performing arts.

Through this program, local youth will

  • discover and hone their artistic voices

  • begin a discovery of artistic practice

  • develop ways of thinking about their art form

  • learn to discuss and talk about what it is they do and why they do it

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W-I-P/Works In Progress not only believes in supporting their artists through assisting them in their artistic process but we also believe in their artistic capital.

When you give to W-I-P, you are directly ensuring that each artist is valued through compensation for their work in process and in performance.

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